Smart product development
close to home

We offer mounting systems for every type of roof and solar panel. We develop our products in collaboration with professional installers. We are working to improve our range on the basis of industry feedback, ensuring that installers have access to high-quality products and can work easily and quickly.

Trust us, that’s a real relief when you’re working on a roof!

Close to home

In-house manufacturing also offers other benefits. For starters, there’s less need to move around raw materials and semi-finished products. This helps us to considerably reduce our CO2 emissions. It also allows us to keep a close eye on working conditions, which is important to us. Many of our employees are from less-fortunate backgrounds: we offer them a place to work on their future and a job they can take pride in.

So how do we live up to all those promises?

That’s easy. We develop and manufacture everything in-house. We keep everything close to home, ensuring that we have optimal control over the manufacturing process and can rapidly adjust to any new innovations. Our supply chain is also tightly controlled, allowing us to keep costs under control. That translates into lower prices for our customers.

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Past developments

The solar panel market has undergone enormous changes over the last 10 years or so. Yields are increasing dramatically, we are seeing a growing pressure to become more sustainable, various subsidies have been introduced, and consumers and businesses are keen to save on their energy costs. In 2015, we seized on this opportunity by converting an existing sheltered workshop in Zwolle into a wonderful manufacturing company where people with disabilities, the elderly, recent immigrants and others with a distance to the labour market could produce a high-quality sustainable product. The resulting enthusiasm shines through in our mounting systems.


From our perspective, the highest quality is only natural. Our products form the essential and solid foundation for thousands of solar panels! That means we obviously comply with all NEN standards and Eurocodes. Needless to say, we are also members of the Metaalunie metalworkers union. This commitment to quality allows us to offer a 20-year guarantee on all our products.

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